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horia bonked 20 Jun 2024 07:42 -0700
original: stsp@bsd.network

​ We are building the Game of Trees Hub, a #Git repository hosting service based on #gameoftrees and #OpenBSD, funded via an open collective.

Our Git repository server implementation can already be self-hosted on OpenBSD and Linux, but:

1) Not everyone can or wants to self-host.

2) Most people don't need yet another Git hosting service, though some people might appreciate a financially transparent and independent service that supports both public and private repositories, has no intentions of abusing user data, and is not striving for infinite growth.

3) Ever since the Game of Trees project started as a side project in 2017 it has received zero financial support. And with developers growing up and having families with children to support, unpaid work on Game of Trees has been eating its way into working hours. Which is not sustainable in the long term.

Can we make a win-win situation out of this dilemma?

You can now support us here:

For now, this is an early-bird crowd-funding effort to support the initial work on getting the service up and running. Git repository service tiers will appear once the hosting infrastructure is ready. The more initial funds we can collect the faster we will get there.

All software developed will be released under the ISC license, the same open source license terms as used by OpenBSD.