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horia bonked 19 Apr 2024 10:18 -0700
original: tedu@honk.tedunangst.com

I added some basic #activitypub support to humungus based on the #forgefed vocabulary. Repository, Commit, etc. And of course updated #honk as well. So now you can follow the honk repo from within honk itself and see all the commits fly by. Still a work in progress, but it’s live now. Probably do a longer write up next week.

horia bonked 18 Apr 2024 11:14 -0700
original: solene@bsd.network

On #OpenBSD, if you want to generate a list of package path from your installed package list so you could recompile everything with dpb or from the ports tree, you can use this snippet

pkg_info -mz | xargs pkg_info -P | grep /

This turns a package list from this format:


into something usable with the ports tree:


horia bonked 15 Apr 2024 07:23 -0700
original: tedu@honk.tedunangst.com

Implementing basic totp turned out to be very easy, so that may be coming soon to the honknet. To thwart high value spearphishing attacks and all that.