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horia bonked 24 May 2024 06:14 -0700
original: solene@bsd.network

If you use #OpenBSD and tor-browser on a different rdomain thant the default, it will fail to start tor.


Tor-browser starts a tor server and bind it on, this address only exists on rdomain 0.


ifconfig lo1 create
ifconfig lo1 rdomain 1
ifconfig lo1 inet
ifconfig lo1 up

tor-browser is now working on a non-default routing domain

horia bonked 19 May 2024 08:26 -0700
original: prahou@merveilles.town

veterans of the cyber wars

reply to this thread with pictures of your machines' cracked bezels, cigarette burned displays, erased keys and other damage worth celebrating.

horia bonked 17 May 2024 22:51 -0700
original: tedu@honk.tedunangst.com

A quick review of some laptop bags.

My primary laptop bag is this one from waterfield. The downsides are it was quite expensive (though I've had it for years now) and it's very heavy. It weighs more than my laptop, though it's well padded and durable. On the awesome side, I like the material design and textures.

The outside is leather with these red vinyl like accents. Inside, it's a combination of black felt and this textured gold material. It's just a really fun bag to carry around and use. You can technically fill it with stuff, like in his video, but then it feels like carrying around a giant stuff sausage.

I have another waterfield bag, a lightweight canvas one. It's not remarkable, except I don't get tired of carrying it. I'd really prefer it had at least one divider inside. It's basically a giant pocket on a strap.

But it works for carrying a pixel slate around without too much overhead. Just don't bang into anything.

I also have this canvas bag from banana republic of all places. This is my preferred second choice. It has a useful assortment of pockets and dividers, and a bit of padding without being too heavy. Slightly more functional than the waterfield, even, just less fun.

Finally, I've got this cheapo bag from amazon. More like a sleave on a strap. Took this to a few conferences where I'd be walking through a crowd and didn't want to whack people, so I wanted something small and cinchable.

Anyway, that's it. I really just needed to write something to test the new drag and drop editor in honk. Also, this should appear as an Article instead of a Note.