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Things happen.

horia bonked 04 Jun 2023 09:02 -0700
original: otto@bsd.network

In the last few weeks a series of malloc diffs have been committed. The last one today. That one allows malloc to detect more cases of write-after-free. While that is a good thing, it might uncover latent bugs in applications.

So if you are running current or snapshots, please keep an eye out for issues reported by malloc. If we get too many reports of issues I might change things so the extra write-after-free detection is only enabled when malloc option S is active.

horia honked 04 Jun 2023 08:29 -0700

I tracked proportional engagement, calculated as (ack + bonk + honk back)/honkers and the winner is #honk, by a landslide.

horia bonked 02 Jun 2023 11:24 -0700
original: h3artbl33d@exquisite.social

So - some things to share:

  • My SO made me the lovely diamond painting attached to this Toot.
  • I was asked (some moons ago) to join the EuroBSDcon board - which I humbly accepted.
  • My talk for EuroBSDcon 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal was accepted.

I feel so incredibly honored to serve the BSD community that I fall short of words. Thank you all, really - from the bottom of my h3art (pun intended)

#OpenBSD #HardenedBSD #SecBSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #AllBSD

Diamond painting of the EuroBSDcon 2022 artwork. It is framed in a dark colored frame, standing in a dark wood-ish surface. On the left there is a 'Pluffy' (pluche Puffy, the OpenBSD mascot) and a few leafs of a plant.

horia honked 02 Jun 2023 11:02 -0700


@eniascailliau: Last weekend I cloned my girlfriend with GPT. Here's how I did it. 🧵 Image
@eniascailliau: First, I set up a vanilla @langchain conversational agent with tools. My takeaways: 1. CONVERSATIONAL_REACT_DESCRIPTON is more stable than the other conversational agent templates 2. Add memory to support conversations 3. Expose SUFFIX, PREFIX & FORMAT_INSTRUCTIONS. These… Show more Image
@eniascailliau: Then, I modified the prefix to include Sacha's personality. Cute words give me writer's block, so I asked Google Bard for help. Bard didn't care Note to self: Use bard on Valentine's day. Image
@eniascailliau: I asked Google Bard to help clone my GF with GPT. Step 1: Describe her personality by looking at her Youtube and Instagram. Here are the results: (Kinda creepy?)
@eniascailliau: Clones need voices, so I gave her a voice with @ElevenLabs Here's how I did it: 1. Download her Youtube shorts (she's an influencer) 2. Upload to ElevenLabs 3. Add code that transforms all agent responses into voice Embedded video
@eniascailliau: SachaGPT - The GPT clone of my girlfriend now has a voice 🙊 (sound on)
@eniascailliau: Selfies. This is the most fun but challenging feature. I could spend hours on this. I added a SelfieTool to my agent to generate selfies with stablediffusion. Image
@eniascailliau: Here's one of her selfies. Not perfect yet, but good enough for a v0 Image
@eniascailliau: That's it! For now at least. Planning to build more next weekend. We have 600+ stars on GH so hope to build with you all together 🙏 Follow me to stay up to date!
@eniascailliau: It is, yes! Link in bio :)
@eniascailliau: Haha

horia bonked 02 Jun 2023 06:34 -0700
original: mntmn@mastodon.social

i'm glad to be able to say that we are once again working with NLnet. this time they are funding the development of a future MNT Reform version (codenamed MNT Reform Next) that is thinner and powered by a next-gen processor such as RK3588. please note that we are still early in the process and want to solicitate feedback and collaboration from other makers so that it is easy to contribute and reuse modules across projects.

horia honked 01 Jun 2023 06:41 -0700

Open Suck - Lightweight Desktop installer for OpenBSD based on the suckless philosophy

horia bonked 31 May 2023 06:45 -0700
original: brynet@bsd.network

Bcrypt at 25: A Retrospective on Password Security (Usenix, Niels Provos)


"To address this scarcity of talent, I've pursued a very unconventional approach. I've embarked on a new venture as an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer under the artist name Activ8te, creating cybersecurity-themed EDM tracks. My goal is to captivate a younger audience and ignite their interest in security topics."


#security #bcrypt #OpenBSD #EDM #music